Greg Peaks

Understanding of flow, energy and crowd control are synonymous with Greg Peaks, and have proven effective though out his DJ career; whether calling out to the crowd in a warehouse in London, to reaching for the lasers in L.A, turning a beach into a rave pit or pressing play as the sun rises in a forest setting, a smile on his face coupled with energetic music and good vibes have helped him create tight bonds with people across the globe.

What makes Greg Peaks different from the vast majority of acts is a unique selection of floor shaking rave tracks that take the audience on a journey through euphoria, fist pumping dance floor madness and angelic moments to share with the person at your side. Using an array of effects and precision chopping techniques to add to the music rather than take away from it, a high-powered style of mixing, that compliments each track and it’s flow; Greg delivers jaw-dropping performances that have seen arms raised and feet move in frenzy, he has consistently left people amazed and in ecstasy.

Surged with more electricity than the biggest, baddest tesla coil, someone who has been DJing and evolving for over 15 years is a force to be reckoned with. Since starting a career in music production, Greg has released tracks on a number of labels, organised some of the biggest Freeform rave events in London and has begun his own label project. A firm understanding of what makes people tick on the dance floor, and what is essential for a good time have made this performer, producer and event organiser a success in his own right.

An eye for emotions, a heart of passion and a dedication to his cause are expected but it has been his positive, professional and friendly attitude that have been the back bone to his story. Every set has seen Greg create a special bond with audiences, which are only found in the hottest and sweatiest settings, leaving both this DJ and the crowd grateful to have taken part in the experience together.



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