Greg Peaks

Flow, energy and crowd control resonate heavily with Greg Peaks. The emotions that music creates, and the experiences that go with it, have defined a generation and fuel Peaks to radiate energy. In Greece, at the age of 16, he brought a beach-full-of house-music clubbers to life with one of his flaming hard dance sets. Combining red-hot technical ability with an energetic performance, Peaks whipped up a storm of meteoric proportions.

What makes Greg Peaks different from the vast majority of acts is a unique selection and high-powered style of mixing that rocks the socks off dance-floors. Surged with more electricity than the biggest, baddest tesla coil, Peaks has played up and down the UK, across Europe and to crowds in Los Angeles.

Greg Peaks’ relentless ability to astonish and provoke strong emotions led him to ignite a career in music production. Positively charged thoughts and actions continue to surround the powerful music at Peaks’ fingertips.



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