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ILHB Podcast Episode #002

Podcast episode 2! We’re bent on delivering the fire and eclecticism found at an I Love Hard Beats rave, this has resulted in us revamping the format of the podcast. The music will be spilt into three separate 45 minute onslaughts of crescendos and ecstasy; the main room, the hedonistic remix room and the back room.

On the lineup this round: DJ Solution rocks the house with a past, present and future freeform selection that has more bite than an industrial sized buzz-saw. Laith follows up with a fully loaded hard house set to blow your mind to. And tying the knot this week, D.R.O.P.S. go all-in with their signature deep and tech’d up party drum and bass.

ILHB Podcast Episode #002 by Hardbeatscollective on Mixcloud

I Love Hard Beats Podcast Episode #001

A new podcast from us at the Hard Beats Collective! We’re bent on delivering the fire and eclecticism found at an I Love Hard Beats rave, this has resulted in us revamping the format of the podcast. The music will be spilt into three separate 45 minute onslaughts of crescendos and ecstasy; the main room, the hedonistic remix room and the back room.

That’s the new format. On the lineup this round there is a meticulous and high-powered freeform classics set from Greg Peaks, word on the beat is that this was the sequence of tracks that took Munted through it’s last hour. Second in is Midas, with a full on hands-in-the-air and stomp-till-you-drop hard style mix. Third and last collection of wig wams is firing from all cylinders, Carbon Based take to the buttons and remind us what Finland is all about. You’ll never want to press stop so get ready!

I Love Hard Beats Podcast Episode #001 by Hardbeatscollective on Mixcloud

Free-from fashion bash is one week closer

I LOVE HARD BEATS: Free-from fashion bash is one week closer yet again! Where does the time go? For todays feature i dropped D.R.O.P.S a few questions. As well as having blown the roof off (that’s not the only reason we have switched venue) of many an I Love Hard Beats rave, these guys have been making some big waves in the neuro drum and bass scene over recent months so we’re very eager to welcome them back to I Love Hard Beats: Free From Fashion to drop some big bass and techy textures.

Greg Peaks: You guys know the score, we’ve seen you before and you know how to control the floor. I never used to MC… So, you’ve been collectively, and individually, across the country for years but what sets an I Love Hard Beats party aside from the rest?

D.R.O.P.S.: Well, what sets ILHB aside from all other events we play at is the fun loving open minded ravers who are clearly at this party for the eclectic multi genre mish mash I’m wearing a fake tash and not mention the abundance of rubber chickens that were inexplicable lying around everywhere

Greg Peaks: Why ‘D.R.O.P.S’? does it stand for anything or was it something that came about as one of you dropped something when you were trying to come up with a name?

D.R.O.P.S.: It stands for ‘Drunken Racoon On People’s Sofas’.

Greg Peaks: Yeah you do get a lot of those in some places. What’s your favourite thing about drum and bass?

D.R.O.P.S.: What is drum and bass??? We are clearly ‘mid range hits & between 30 – 120 hertz core’ artists!

Greg Peaks: The event’s theme is for people to dress as badly as they can. What sort of efforts will you make to fit this criteria?

D.R.O.P.S.: We hadn’t quite thought of that… Greg I don’t suppose you have some cloths we can borrow? We seen you in town that other day in suitably ridiculous attire… Three lots of that will do quite nicely mate.

Greg Peaks: Haha. That attire is the only one is existence, as it is 100% custom made nudity, sorry! What did the drum say to the bass?

D.R.O.P.S.: ‘And’.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions. Looking forward to catching up with you over some hard beats and bass on the 28th of February at I Love Hard Beats!

Download and listen to this downright dirty taste of what D.R.O.P.S. like to do in dark rooms.

1. Receptor – Lullaby feat. K.I.R.A [TAMP3CORDS]
2. Mefjus & Inside Info – Mythos [Virus Recordings]
3. State of Mind – Dirt [SOM Music]
4. Mindscape – Vulture (Dose & Menace Remix) [Syndrome Audio]
5. Volatile Psycle – Bottom Feeder [Heavy Artillery Recordings]
6. Noisia & The Upbeats – Dust Up [Vision Recordings]
7. Culture Shock – Machine [RAM Records]
8. D.R.O.P.S – Sector [Scientia Dub]
9. Wilkinson ft P Money & Arlissa – Heartbeat (Calyx & Teebee Remix) [Virgin/EMI Records]
10. DC Breaks – Swag [RAM Records]
11. Calyx & Teebee – Strung Out VIP [RAM Records]
12. Mindscape – Force Back [Citrus Recordings]
13. Cause4Concern – Dropout (Mindscape Remix) [C4C Recordings]
14. Dabs & Mayhem – Blackmore [Full Force Recordings]
15. Mefjus & Inside Info – Repentance [Critical Music]
16. Cern feat Teknik, Dose & Menace – Lurch [Project 51 Recordings]
17. Cemtek – Pulserate [Abducted LTD Dub]
18. Evidence – Bionics [Mindtech Recordings]
19. Proktah & Kenei – Shockwaves (Nickbee Remix) [Meltings Pot Recordings]
20. D.R.O.P.S – Utopia [AutomAte Dub]
21. Skulpture – Recovery [Scientia Dub]
22. Mindmapper & Fre4knc – Collessius [Translation Recordings]
23. Cemtek – Methods [Dub]

Download link (right click > save as): www.stamina-records.co.uk/delete/D.R.O.P.S_-_ILHB_PROMO_MIX.mp3

Full event details can be found here: www.facebook.com/events/727636757264653/?fref=ts

We have officially sold out of early bird tickets. £8.00 tickets are available and you can also buy 5 tickets for the price of 4.

Tickets are on sale here:  www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/94719

DJ Midas set for ILHB free-from fashion bash!

midas bassface


MY WORD!  The ever-awesome DJ Midas has spun us a right rip-roaring set for the runup to ‘ILHB – Free From Fashion Bash’! And from the look of the tracklist, rip-roaring is indeed the correct terminology. If you want an excuse to replicate the facial acrobatics Sir Midas is performing above, you can swag yourself a download of it here: www.sendspace.com/file/3yx09o or listen in on Mixcloud here: www.mixcloud.com/midas_deejay/dj-midas-best-of-2013


1. Helix & Fury – Insane Asylum (Gammer Remix)
2. Serenade – Floorfiller
3. Andy Dee – Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
4. Douglas – Ice Cream
5. A.B – Alright
6. Douglas – In My Mind
7. A.B – Stay with me (Greg Peaks Funked In The Sun Remix)
8. Uplift – Night Flight (Douglas Remix)
9. Wizbit & Ponder – New Zealand Story (Douglas Remix)
10. A.C. Slater – Make Some Noise (Greg Peaks Worldwide Remix)
11. Nick 235 & Midas – Crystal Ocean
12. Eryk Orpheus -Benodihyrdochloridebezylex (The Embalmer)
13. Grimsoul – Sorceresses
14. Gregor le Dahl – Dancing on a sumbeam (Douglas FM Dub)
15. Douglas – Grawlix
16. Cube::Hard & Douglas – Codex (Original Mix)
17. Jurgen Von Raucous & Slartybartfast – Intergalactic Shoes
18. JD-Kid & David Traya – Latika
19. JD-Kid & Dj Corr – Carinae
20. Chaos & 3Star – Paradise
21. Transcend & Midas – Eternal Prism
22. Arkitech – Truly One
23. Transcend – The Purification
24. Transcend – Spirit Of Hades
25. Alchemiist – Anthrax Injection
26. Aryx – Morokai
27. Substanced – Stockholm Syndrome
28. Helix – Now Control (Darwin Remix)
29. Nick 235 & Midas – Wonderful Adventure

Greg Peaks interview and free hard dance mix ahead of I Love Hard Beats!

YOYOYO! We are literally about to break through to the last month before ILHB touches down at The Sidings Warehouse on the 28th of February! We are all starting to get super-duper excited about this now and we hope that all you lovely ravers are too. What with it being another week down we thought we would chat some kahunas with one of HBC’s finest DJs and Producers.. Greg Peaks!

Smythy - So… What do you know Joe?

Greg Peaks - I know that Joe is a man that stands really low when he’s got an afro because that’s the way you know Joe.

 Smythy - So i hear. So, aside from having large hair and constantly indulging in only the finest Faberge eggs, what else does the HBC mega mixer, Greg Peaks, do with his time these days?

Greg Peaks - I’ve actually been super hectic busy with my last year at uni. But i’m gonna be taking a couple of weeks to work on writing more freeform this month!

 Smythy - Nice matey! What sets are you most looking forward to on the night and why?

Greg Peaks - I really enjoyed DJ EE’s full on psy trance mix from his interview for I Love Hard Beats and i reckon that his set will be awesome. Definitely Arkitech b2b A.B b2b Thumpa in the main room for the selection and also Mark EG’s classics set in the hard dance room will be a wicked trip to the past.

Smythy -  Those will be enough to cream one’s pants over inside and out. What can we expect from the B2B set you have with Solution and the B2B set you have with the hyper talented Hyperstate?

Greg Peaks - With Solution, a lot of wicked music and fx to make fx… We also have a finished Ephexis remix we collabed on that will get dropped at some point and probably some other new bits. Playing with Hyperstate will be sick as i like a lot of variety and there’ll be some great scope to create a buzzing party atmosphere.

 Smythy - Wicked, that sounds truly a bodacious combination of attributes! What makes you such a diverse and versatile DJ?

Greg Peaks - That’s a hard one to answer in words! I like variety?

Smythy - It’s rumoured that you are going into the acting career and have bagged yourself a job as chief fluffer for a raunchy Emmanuelle movie. Is there any truth in this, and if there isn’t will it have any effect on this Trojan of a rumour from reaching the masses?

Greg Peaks - Ah i actually used to want to be in acting as a kid but didn’t want to ruin the experience from watching films… That’s pretty ironic since i started producing because i love music so much. Anyway, rumour or not, the word is out now (thanks for that by the way mate!)…

 Smythy - Yes, yes it is! Thanks for talking to us old chap!! And here’s a cheeky free hard dance mix to download he put together.

1. Expose – Join Me (Nick Rowland Remix)
2. Ben Stevens – The Eternal
3. Generator – Where Are You Now? (Moonman Remix)
4. Chris Summers – Slip Away
5. Chris Summers – Diseased Raindrops
6. Tom Parr – Sweet Dreams
7. Nick Rowland – Overdrive
8. Kevin Energy & Laith feat. Rhona – Slip Away
9. Steve Blake – Expression (Lee Pash Remix)
10. Robbie Muir – Body Rock
11. Rednoise – Ready To Proceed
12. Adam M & Nick Rowland – Sat Nav

DOWNLOAD HERE (right click > save as): www.stamina-records.co.uk/delete/GREG_PEAKS_I_LOVE_HARD_BEATS_FREE-FROM_FASHION_PROMO_MSTR.mp3

For those of you who want to come and join us at the event you can obtain full event details by following this link:


We have officially sold out of early bird tickets. £8.00 tickets are available and you can buy 5 tickets for the price of 4 so get your groups together and save a few quid!

Tickets are on sale here: www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/94719

Darts Interview and Free Mix Inside – I Love Hard Beats: Free From Fashion Bash!

Another week closer to I Love Hard Beats: Free From Fashion Bash and another week of interviews with one of the artists that will be spinning in our multi genre ‘Remix Room’ at the Siding Warehouse in London Bridge.

Darts, the promoter of ‘Stomp!’ from up in Leeds, is joining us today. Let’s take a seat and get started shall we?

Greg Peaks: Hi, Darts! Thanks for taking the time out to sit down with me for some figurative breakfast and answer a few questions ahead of the next I Love Hard Beats.

Darts: My pleasure Greg, good to see you again mate, nice to catch up over a brew and some brekky. Ha, I’m sure I just saw the lass at the counter putting her fag out in someone’s fried egg!

Greg Peaks: Oh yeah? Better not be mine! Scrambled is not my order for today. First off, having released music on a variety of hardcore labels over the years, you’re no stranger to the hardcore scene and have been producing the music for quite some time now, but what have been your biggest non hardcore influences?

Darts: She’s forgotten to put my mushrooms in! Can you pass the red sauce please? Yeah, I’ve been in and around the scene for a while now, it’s been a proper little journey with parties & bookings so far but tunes wise I feel like I’ve found a good home at Trackmaster Music. Cruze (the gaffer) knows his stuff and he’s quite happy for me to go ahead doing my own thing, which is great. Musically outside of Hardcore I’d have to say my biggest influences come from classic trance… I love loads of different stuff from around the “Kevin & Perry” era but I’d say Ferry Corsten is probably my favourite producer! Non-musically my biggest influences are probably Leslie Nielsen (in things like Airplane, Police Squad and Naked Gun. And also Michael Crawford’s portrayal of Frank Spencer in the old BBC sitcom “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em” – I used to watch them all loads when I was a kid and I can still reel off loads of quotes now…

“We’ve got to get these people to a hospital.” “A hospital? What is it?!” “It’s a big building with patients in it, but that’s not important right now.”

Greg Peaks: The days of classic trance will always hold a special place in many hearts. This egg yolk looks funny doesn’t it? Hmm… Anyway, the theme for our next rave is ‘Free From Fashion’, we want everyone to come dressed as badly as they can. Any ideas as to what you will come dressed like, or will you pull something out of the bag at the last minute?

Darts: I think I’ll probably tweet Demo and ask him where he gets his Hawaiian shirts from, they’re out of this world! Fair play he pulls them off though! Thumpa already did the onesie thing at last February’s ILHB (he made a really cute teddy bear!) and I heard a rumour one of the HBC guys might be wearing a big flowery dress (hopefully proper Hyacinth Bucket style!) so that’s all my obvious choices gone! There’s a good fancy dress shop nearby me so I might see if I can raid them for something a bit out of the ordinary

Greg Peaks: Thumpa was supposed to be DJing as opposed to making teddy bears, we’ll have to make sure his knitting requirements are met at the next event! You also run your own successful event a little further North from London. Can you tell us a little about it?

Darts: Yeah that’s right, “Stomp!” has been running in Leeds for about 2 and a half years now. Leeds has a buzzing underground music scene and it was so wrong that hardcore had totally died a death there since Vibealite stopped doing it’s monthly nights at Club Mission! I’ve always been a big Vibealite fan, and back then Gary had been putting on some really wicked, varied lineups and was thinking outside the box where other big UKHC promoters might not have done – ie. the Freeformation tour night, the 3 hour Brisk and Sy sets, and getting international acts like Uraken over. Great days! So, inspired by that, and Freeformation itself, I thought I’d try to encapsulate the values of Vibealite & Freeformation together with a few ideas of my own and see if we could get the city’s scene rolling again.

It’s going well! We’ve got an established little night rolling now with a reputation for quality, varied lineups covering everything from upfront hardcore and freeform to oldskool happycore, breaks and hard dance! Our crowd are wicked – they just rave their socks off to everything we throw at them! The mental, anything goes atmosphere we’ve got going on is awesome. It’s just a “proper rave” – love it!

Greg Peaks: That “proper rave” atmosphere of no holds barred, carnival nonsense is exactly why we, you and I are here! I once had MC Disgruntled Old Fart on the mic during one of my sets at an I Love Hard Beats… Do you have any memorable experiences as a DJ that you can share with us today?

Darts: Haha you’ll have to tell us a bit more about that disgruntled old fart story I don’t think I’ve heard that one! I had a pretty random experience whilst playing a gig in the midlands once! You know how sometimes when you’re DJ’ing and nice folk from the crowd come up and give you a present, whether it’s a glowstick or some kandi beads or whatever? I’d just been asked to stop the tunes while security dealt with a minor fracas in the club… It was all dealt with very quickly and we’d just got things rolling again (I was playing Pinnacle’s remix of “Penguin” by Randy Mortimer as it goes!) and this lass charged up to the DJ booth and handed me a clump of hair she’d just pulled out of another lass’s head! Lovely. Wish I’d kept it now, it caught me a bit by surprise at the time.

Greg Peaks: How thoughtful of her! I hope my hair stays safe when you’re playing. Spanned across three rooms, the next I Love Hard Beats will be a difficult place to manage time between all the acts to see. Are there any DJs that you would be particularly interested in seeing, and why?

Darts: By ‘eck lad, too many to mention! That main room’s absolutely jam packed with talent and really varied in terms of styles (Lethal Theory, Hardcore Underground, Hard Beats Collective, FinRG… and I’m curious about the Mark EG extreme set!)… It’s brill to see international acts like Grimsoul & Horzi, Kamasutrance and The Beatniq on the bill, too – have to say I haven’t heard a whole lot from the latter 2 but I’ll deffos be checking these out – variety is the spice of life ‘n’ all that! I love a bit of hard dance as well so I think I’m probably gonna end up doing laps of the venue to make sure I don’t miss too much of anything!

Greg Peaks: Lapping up every second of it we shall man. If you could be any kind of item of clothing what would it be, and why?

Darts: Obviously some sort of bra’s the first thing that comes to mind. I could try to think of something else for you but we’re all friends here and if I’m totally honest it would be a bra. Always a chance you’d end up cupping and supporting someone you’d rather not cup and support but I’m a firm believer that with great risks come great rewards.

Greg Peaks: Haha. Excellent choice. Firm is the right word! And our last question, what does ILHB stand for?

Darts: Innovative Leaders in Hedonistic Bouncing! Hope you and the crew enjoy the promo mix! Look out for my solo production album entitled “Put the :)  back!” coming soon to Trackmaster!

http://soundcloud.com/darts http://soundcloud.com/trackmaster-music

Greg Peaks: A man after my own heart! Wicked mate, thanks for your time. We’re looking forward to catching up with you at I Love Hard Beats.

Here is also a mix from Darts to get your ears juicing!

1. Gaz V – Energy (Original Mix) – Trackmaster Music
2. Darts – Pandamonium – Trackmaster Music
3. Weaver & JTS – Phantasy – JTS Recordings
4. Olly P – Come On – Trackmaster Music
5. Miss Special K – My Territory – Totally ‘Ardcore Records
6. Fretman & MC B – MILF Hunter – Sock Puppet Records
7. Cruze & Stompin’ Tom – R U Redy – Trackmaster Music
8. AirCon – Carried Away – CDR


For those of you who want to come and join us at the event you can obtain full event details by following this link:


We have officially sold out of early bird tickets. We have however added a special promotion where you can buy 5 tickets for the price of 4 so get your groups together and save a few quid!

Tickets are on sale here: www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/94719


Jester & Kohl interview and FREE mix for I Love Hard Beats!

J&KIn the run up the muchly anticipated I Love Hard Beats 5 – Free From Fashion Bash event on the 28th of February 2014 at The Sidings Warehouse we are going to be supplying you lovely people with a weekly mix and feature from the artists booked at the event!

First up in true HARD STYLE we have the Sinistry head honchos and London naughty boys Jester & Kohl! These lads are showing us why we book this dark duo over and over again with a slamming mix of classic Hard Style, but first let’s have a quick chat with them!


Smythy: Hey chaps! Firstly thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to put this I Love Hard Beats Promo Mix together and to chat waffle with me for a bit! The track listing looks SICK! Some awesome classic hardstyle in there! Are you excited about coming back again to play with us?

Jester: Abso-bloody-lutely! We love playing for ILHB! Such a diverse crowd and there’s always a ton of DJs that we want to rave to when we’re waiting to play!

Kohl: Plus the crowd have loved everything we’ve thrown at them so far and that makes us very happy!

Smythy: Indeed the crowd have been happy with everything thrown at them! I lobbed a pair of soiled undies at the last event and they loved it! What can our party go’ers expect from your set this time around?

Kohl: Well if people love this promo mix then we might bang out some Hardstyle classics!

Jester: If not that, then some properly Raw new stuff to get the blood pumping!

Smythy: Good stuff! What have you got planned for Sinistry in 2014?

Jester: Well our next party is on 22nd March (soon to be announced) and the 6th Birthday will be in June. Then we’ll build up to another huge Sinistry:Halloween in Oct/Nov. We’re going to continue pushing the harder side of our scene and we can’t thank everyone enough for the support you’ve all given us!

Smythy: Yes lads! Your events are absolutley wicked! Keep doing what you are doing! I think the question that is on everyone’s lips is; If you were both food what type of food would you be and why?

Kohl: Cake… Jester: Yeah a great big fucking cake! Kohl: Everyone loves cake, don’t they?

Jester: Standard…

Smythy: Mmmmmm cake… What colour pants am i wearing?

Kohl: Without looking, I would say you’re a tightie whitie kind of guy!

Jester: Either that or commando!

Smythy: HAHA Kohl you devil you! You know damn well i am a tighty whity kinda guy!

Thanks for taking the time to do this mix for us! We really look forward to seeing you at ILHB!

For those of you who want to come and join us at the event you can obtain full event details by following this link; www.facebook.com/events/727636757264653/?fref=ts

We have officially SOLD OUT of early bird tickets already and we have had to limit the amount of ticket sales to 800 in total so be quick to avoid disappointment! Tickets are on sale here: www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/94719

Finally as promised here is the mix from Jester & Johl! Keep an eye out for Thumpa’s mix next week!



  1. Tatanka & Zany – Recepy
  2. Blutonium Boy – EBeat (DJ Neo Remix)
  3. Activator – June
  4. Headhunterz – Rock Civilization
  5. Activator & Carnifex – Facial
  6. Builder – Her Voice (Headhunterz Remix)
  7. Showtek – Choruz
  8. Zany – Deep Inside
  9. Noisecontrollers – Attack Again
  10. The Pitcher – Grindin
  11. The Prophet – Alive!
  12. Tuneboy – Dirty
  13. Technoboy – 4 Days
  14. The Pitcher – Our Core
  15. Showtek – We Live For The Music
  16. Hyperdrive – Brain Confusion
  17. Zatox & Activator – Don’t Let It Go (Tatanka Remix)
  18. Likquid – Cmon 2009 (Brainkicker Remix)

HBC! x


I LOVE HARD BEATS – 2nd Birthday! ‘Free-from Fashion Bash’


Good news, everyone! ‘I Love Hard Beats’ is now an almighty two years old. And in other news, we have moved to a snazzy new venue. Details below!

I Love Hard Beats returns for its second birthday; bigger, louder, and more outrageous than ever before! Ready to rip it up in one of London’s most bodacious venues – The Sidings! This three room, multi genre knees up is sure to blow the pants of the London rave scene in a truly outrageous style – AGAIN!We have huge international DJs bringing you the best in freeform, hardcore, hard dance, drum and bass, psy trance, techno and more. Throw in crazy decor, mental visuals and the loyal I Love Hard Beats and Freeformation ravers and this is one party not to miss.Super Advance Early Bird tickets are only £5 so skip that big mac and supersize your rave!

***Hardcore & freeform arena***

Joey Riot
Mark EG (extreme)
Grimsoul & Horzi (FINRG – UK debut)
Al Storm
Fracus & Darwin (album showcase set)
Arkitech, A.B & Thumpa
Endemic & Douglas
Lost Soul, Nick235 & Transcend (producer showcase)
Greg Peaks & Solution
MCs Obie, Mayhem, Macca, Smythy & Rizla-Dizla

***Hard dance arena***

Mark EG (classics)
Kamasutrance (psytrance – Israel – UK debut)
Eryk Orpheus (london hard dance PA)
K – Complex (nu energy classics)
Jester & Kohl
Laith (hard house bosh-off)
Carl Nicholson & Dean Zone

***Remix room – (eclectic multi-genre)***

Joey Riot (trance)
Fracus & Darwin (HU breaks)
D.R.O.P.S (dnb)
DJ EE (full on psy – FINRG – UK debut)
The Beatniq (freeform/dnb mashup – USA – UK debut)
Darts (noughties classics)
Hyperstate B2B Greg Peaks (hard house)
A.B (old skool)
DJ Fashion Crisis B2B Admin Grenade with MC Gok’s Pink Sock

If you’ve not been to The Sidings before you are in for a treat! Think grimey, industrial, warehouse, rave-pit or check out the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o81skiSC1yY

HBC Podcast episode 7

HBC Podcast episode 7

Greetings listener!  Another Hard Beats Collective podcast is here – we know it’s been a long time coming and so we have a big bumper episode for you. Before the music – the news:

On Saturday 26th October it’s Sinistry’s Halloween event at the Elektrowerkz in London.  On the line up in the hard dance room is the Organ Donors, Rob Tissera, MDA & Spherical, Eryk Orpheus (Live), Phil Reynolds, Jester & Kohl and Digital Chaos.  In the freeform arena there’s Ephexis (Live), Lost Soul, Arkitech, Douglas, A.B, Beezee and Sonofsam.  Early bird tickets have now all sold out but you can still get tickets for £12 at MoreOnTheDoor or go to the Sinistry Facebook page for all the info.

On Saturday 2nd November the I Love Hard Beats ‘Remix Room’ is on tour at the legendary Moondance in London.  In our room, come party with a trancecore set from Billy ‘Daniel’Bunter, Douglas & Laith are playing NEC classics, Rik Arkitech is spinning breaks, drum n bass will be provided by the Endemic boys, Eryk Orpheus & Nick 235 are playing a ‘History of London Rave’ set and Greg Peaks & Solution are on a 150-170bpm journey.  It all sounds unmissable and all advance tickets have sold out but if you get down early there are some still available on the door on the night.

Hardcore Underground 6 is released exclusively to www.hardcoreunderground.co.uk on Monday 28th October but you can pre-order your copy now.  The compilation is 4 CDs mixed by Scott Brown & Al Storm, Fracus & Darwin, CLSM & Entity and Thumpa & Obie.

Beatniq Audio comes out on 27 November!  Beatniq Audio is the prime outlet from the peculiar man of mystery; The Beatniq. Who knows who he is or what he looks like? Rumours are abound that he is the illegitimate child of Justin Beiber and a particularly promiscuous cabbage, one thing is for sure, he has a distinctive brand of hardcore that rocks the dance floor every time. From dark and grimy freeform numbers to stomping and uplifting grooves, Beatniq Audio takes ever so slightly familiar sounds and catapults them into an energetic and unrelenting style.  This first release from the brand spanking Beatniq Audio unleashes an underground anthem that smashes together furious freeform and the dulcet tones of an icelandic goddess. On the flip is an uplifting number will rolling snares and an oh so familiar vocal that will get the glow sticks waving.

The event everyone has been waiting for, I Love Hard Beats is back Friday 28th February.  Keep checking the HBC Facebook page as we shall soon be releasing the line up and other details.

Back to the podcast.  This edition bring you an acid techno set from the megastar Mark EG.  Cube::Hard then plays trance under his Stereo Wildlife guise before the live recording from main room HTID in the Sun freeform business from A.B, Douglas & MC Obie.  First however, the slower styles of Randy Mortimer.

You’re listening to HBC Episode 7.

Randy Mortimer (Slower Styles)

01. Pezzner – All Night Dancing Party (Justin Martin Remix) [Systematic Recordings]
02. Randy Mortimer – Dead Man’s Jacket [Hardcore Underground]
03. Kry Wolf & Claude VonStroke – Turbosteppa [Dirtybird]
04. Groovebox – What’s Poppin [Suara]
05. Jay Lumen – Spin Like Fire [Bitten]
06. Egoism – Da Boom [Toolroom Records]
07. Randy Mortimer – Dedicated [Hardcore Underground]
08. Plezier – Plezier Anthem (Club Mix) [Moda Music]
09. Leon Bolier & Alex Kenji – Trumpets [Spinnin Records]
10. Hot Since 82 – Like You [Get Physical Music]
11. Purple Disco Machine – Street Life [Off Recordings]
12. Yousef – Beg (Hot Since 82 Future Mix) [Defected]
13. Reflekt – Need To Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix) [Positiva]

Mark EG (Acid Techno)

01. Tassid – Detachment – [Skuxx]
02. The Geezer & Rowland The Bastard RAW044AA – [Ripe Analogue Waveforms]
03. Mobile Dogwash and Dave Atomiser- Return Of The Tyrant (Acid Ted Made Me Stronger Mix) [Acid Test]
04. OB1 – White Line Fever (Remix Mobile Dogwash) – [Chase Yer Tail]
05. kryz – Hungry Acids [S.U.F Project]
06. Sterling Moss – Rebel Rouser [Scythe Squadron]
07. Squat Dom – Scrap Metaller’s Ball [S.U.F Project]
08. Tik Tok – Kebab Wrap [CDJ303]
09. D.A.V.E. the Drummer – What You Need (A.P. Remix) [Smitten Is Dead]
10. A.P. & Josh Inc – That’s What You Had [Stereo Chaos]

Stereo Wildlife (Trance)

01. Ferry Corsten – Rock Your Body Rock (Arty Rock-n-Rolla Mix) [Flashover Recordings]
02. Scot Project – C1 [Night Vision]
03. D-Mad – Ahoy! [Enhanced Music]
04. Estiva – Dinodrums [Enhanced Music]
05. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Feel The Music (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
06. Scot Project – W2 [Druck Records]
07. Dan Stone – Drive (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) [Tool Trance]
08. Robert Burian – Boomerang [Lange]
09. Allen & Envy – Forever Lost (Stereo Wildlife Remix) [Trance All Stars]
10. LTN – City Of Lights [Ride Recordings]
11. York – Farewell To The Moon (Alexander Popov Remix) [Armada Music]
12. Heatbeat – #Boom [Armada Music]
13. Tempo Giusto – Blacksmith (Mark Sherry Remix) [Echelon]
14. Scot Project – P (Paradize) [Druck Records]

A.B & Douglas with MC Obie Live @ HTID In The Sun Main Stage (Hardcore)

01. A.B – Atomic Orbital/Jonestown Intro Mash Up [CDR]
02. A.B & Douglas Vs DJ Ned (CLSM) [Stamina Records]
03. Douglas – Division By Zero [Stamina Records]
04. Re-Con & Gammer – Enya Stomp (A.B & Douglas Remix) [CDR]
05. Uplift – Night Flight (Douglas Remix) [Raw Elements]
06. A.B – This [Stamina Records]
07. Douglas – Grawlix [Stamina Records]
08. Randy Mortimer – Ripped Groove [Beatniq Audio]
09. Andy Dee – Solas An Lae (Douglas Remix) [ReBuild Music]
10. Cube::Hard & Douglas – Codex (Darwin Remix) [Stamina Records]
11. Haywire – Weekend (A.B & Douglas Feat. MC Obie Remix) [Stamina Records]
12. A.B – Alright [Stamina Records]
13. Douglas – In My Mind [Stamina Records]
14. Technikore & Cyrax – Difference [Stamina Records]
15. CLSM & Cube::Hard – See You On The Other Side (Douglas Remix) [G-Core]

Moondance 4 Life – The Halloween Ball (In Aid of Macmillan Cancer Support)

moondance for lifeWell isn’t this all kinds of awesome…

The almighty Moooooondance returns on the 2nd of November and we are super excited to be bringing our Remix Room along to the party. HBC DJs and some very special guests will be rolling out an eclectic mix of rave beats, and you know that our signature ‘wise-up-get-stupid’ness will be in full effect!

Advance tickets are a mere £5 and all proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support. This is sure to sell out so get on it pronto!

Further info on the lineup, event and tickets can be found via the Moondance 4 Life event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/217621498391413/

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